Friday, April 08, 2005

Haymaker! (dream maker, heartbreaker...)

So, last night on The A-Team, Mr. T gave the bad guy a haymaker AND threw him over his head down an airplane aisle. It was the best episode ever (welllll…best episode ever, after the one with Boy George on it, and Boy George was called Cowboy George). It was like Mr. T took a play right out of MY VERY OWN PERSONAL PLAY BOOK!!!!

Another thing that made it the best episode (the Team was on a hijacked plane and Mr. T was in and out of pyhscosis) was that a door was blown off the plane, as well as a window was shot out, and the cabin was all de-pressurized, but, somehow, after the commercial break, The A-Team had fixed it whilst we were being shilled for soap and the spice commercial were the Grandpa tells his grandson that his Grandma married him because he was good at porking her (I’m guess French man style, sous la cour). The A-Team is truly magical! Truly and completely awesome!!

I wish there had been an A-Team/Magnum cross over. Mr. T and T.C could’ve gone clubbin’, The Lads and Murdock could’ve gotten into heaps and heaps of trouble, Amy and Rick probably would’ve hooked up, Rick being so smooth and all. The Face and Magnum would’ve made ALL the ladies wet as spring, but Magnum would’ve passed, and the Face would’ve had a threesome. Hannibal and Higgins would’ve traded war stories galore, and one of them would’ve passed out from the sheer joy of it all…I need a napkin to sit on, as the thought of this is kind of over whelming!

Posted by Loba @ 11:29 a.m.