Monday, February 26, 2007

Oh facts of life

It was the hurrican episode of the Facts of life!!!

Almost as good as the episode where Tootie isthisclose to becoming a hooker. That was sweet. It only took 20 minutes to convert her from a 'nice girl' to a lady of the night.

Anyhoo-In the Florida spring break episode Blair falls in love with a handy man, Natalie gets none, Tootie gets drunk on Whiskey sours and picks up a dude with a pipe and JO gets Michael Damien (you know, the singer dude from the Young and the Restless, who left the Y&R for a singing career and then came back after he failed).
He was wearing a sash of bullets, which seemed weird and random, but I guess it was the, it was just plain stupid.
He loved Jo and Jo loved him. He sang her bad songs that Tootie and the pipe dude danced to.

Again, Nat got nothing. Poor Nat.

Blair also continued her thing for working class men. Janitor from Florida, George during the "Over Our Heads" phase, good times.

Posted by Loba @ 8:48 p.m.