Monday, February 26, 2007

Oh facts of life

It was the hurrican episode of the Facts of life!!!

Almost as good as the episode where Tootie isthisclose to becoming a hooker. That was sweet. It only took 20 minutes to convert her from a 'nice girl' to a lady of the night.

Anyhoo-In the Florida spring break episode Blair falls in love with a handy man, Natalie gets none, Tootie gets drunk on Whiskey sours and picks up a dude with a pipe and JO gets Michael Damien (you know, the singer dude from the Young and the Restless, who left the Y&R for a singing career and then came back after he failed).
He was wearing a sash of bullets, which seemed weird and random, but I guess it was the, it was just plain stupid.
He loved Jo and Jo loved him. He sang her bad songs that Tootie and the pipe dude danced to.

Again, Nat got nothing. Poor Nat.

Blair also continued her thing for working class men. Janitor from Florida, George during the "Over Our Heads" phase, good times.

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Friday, February 23, 2007


Hearing "Blister in the Sun" play during Wendy's commercials.
I know a lot of songs have been used for commercials ; Start me Up for Windows, Revolution for Nike, which is not a good thing, but well, sort of expected from Michael Jackson whom owned the rights for Revolution, and well, the Rolling Stones never claimed to be anything other than Rock and Roll and that's all about sex and drugs and to get that stuff you need money.
Anyhoo, a song about masturbation for a fast food joint is a liiiittttlllleee odd. Or at least, kind of, I think.
However, I suppose when you really look at it, greasy food, greasy dirty parts, I guess go hand in hand, pun possibly intended...

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I don't know about you, but I don't walk around with a smile on my face. Sometimes I laugh out loud at funny things I'm thinking about, but in general, I don't walk around like some smiley asshole.
So you know what, don't fucking to tell me to smile as I walk by you. If I wanted to fucking smile, I would. I am able, I just don't WANT TO.

Also, please for the love of GOD please say what you mean when you're explaining something to me, don't say everything but what you mean. JEBUS!!! And how you can make the word 'next' and 'less' sound exactly the same I have no idea, but it ain't cool and is VERY confusing.

I've had a bit of a day...a nasty case of the reds if you will. (From Breakfast At Tiffany's, not a visitor that brings the noise)

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Monday, February 19, 2007

I do believe that people have a huge problem with listening. HUGE.
If I tell you something, AFTER YOU'VE ASKED ME, please don't ask the same thing more less than a minute later, or state something that pertains to what I've told you, yet you can't process it and fork it up for everyone else.

I understand if you forget and re-confirm soemthing, or say that you forget and reask, but don't forking get me in trouble because you didn't LISTEN TO THE ANSWER OF THE QUESTION YOU ASKED.

Thank you.

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