Friday, June 17, 2005

this is a colour I like to call clot.

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"that's so weird, the guy who sweats gravy has such a pretty girlfriend"
"they are married now"
"he must be a good lover"
"he likes to do her up the ass, cum on her ass and then slap it to make it messy"
"that's what he told me, I didn't make it up"

That's some good conversation.

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Wren had her beautiful, beautiful daughther.
She's gorgeous and tiny and perfect.
She smells good and now goes poo.
I love how she flings her hands over her head to sleep.
Wren seems good. Only 1% tear! Good work Wren!!!!!!! You've done an awesome job of baby birthin'.

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Donny Osmond really, really annoys me.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

i am attempting however..

to put the right prompts into google imagas, and for my name, a picture of nerd came up (!!!!!), pictures that I emailed to future doctors came up as well (!!!!!) as did pictures of the wolf that feed children from her tet and was the protector of the walled hill town where I went to school in Italy...interesting. Also, for Loba, a wine glass came up and in fact, I'm enjoying a glass right now.

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how am I going to make this work?

yeah, I give up.
I can't figure out the google image blog.
It's time to break out the nerd.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

so hot

it's so hot! Actually it's not AS hot tonight, due to the fact that the city is being surrounded by tornado's so we're getting some storms and it's cutting the humidity. I've had heat rashes. Today I looked like I had a big, bright red mustache. It was this huge bizzare strip-and I had one on my chest earlier. The air conditioner at the factory doesn't work and there's a huge doughnut order that has to go out yesterday. Shit yo it sucks.
So-Nerd and I are living together, and the transition has been so smooth it's been so easy...Except for me torturing Nerd to keep the fridge closed. It's been too hot and the fridge can't keep anything cold and Nerd has a charming habit of opening the fridge door, staring into the fridge, turning around and making a five course meal (whilst the fridge is open) and then decides if he wants anything in it or not. This is done every twenty or so minutes. Even though it's 40 degrees out and the milk has already curdled....but you know I love him big heaps. The trick is to have him keep loving me and not letting my craziness drive him insane(r) and into the basement digging a whole to shove me in.

So, we had a house warming (or fucking house sweat lodge) this past weekend, and we have some lovely, generous friends and family who drove from far and wide to celebrate Nerd shoving me in a hole/him moving to the big city because he has a spectacular ass and you know he'll make some sweet, sweet coin with it. Some had to huddle around fans, some were ok outside, I just needed an ice bath-it was great though. We got some great house warming gifts which I must send out thank you cards/calls for!

Right now I'm sticky with vitamin E gel, hoping my rash doesn't turn into his beard. So, you know, I need to go and unstick my face from the wall.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

oops, I meant to pass this on but I can't do it the correctly, so these people should just cut and paste it to their blog. Yes, I'm advanced

Brown Eyed Wren
Future Doctor
and Troy again.

You can link to them in my index. I can't do it. Me is the stupid kid.

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book meme

Booked! Meme
12:02 PM
I’m going to try and keep this meme going-I don’t really know how to link people, nor do I really know that many bloggers I can tag (although I do enjoy spray painting random people)

How Many Books Do You Own?
Maybe 150, I’ve recently moved, and decided to trim down on a few and this doesn’t include my university books that I have and occasionally look at (or spit in their general direction)

What is the Last Book You Bought?
I think it was The Stupidest Angel-A Tale of Christmas Terror by Christopher Moore for Nerd. He hasn’t really celebrated Christmas until this year, so I thought that book would be a nice segue way into what he’s missed. You know, the walking dead (I guess that’s more Easter, but whatev G.) Santa being murdered, Azerial coming to Earth, a crazy lady with a sword and a bar owner with a metal hip…
I bought Dress Your Family in Corduroy at the same time, by David Sedaris (for me)

What is the Last Book You Read?
I sometimes have a few books on the go-and lately I’ve been re-reading stuff: Although I did read The Curious Incident of the Dog just a couple of months ago (new). I’ve been re-reading Take the Cannoli by Sarah Vowell and Kick Me by Paul Feig (they have new books coming out, or Vowell’s is already out-Assassination Vacation and Feig’s Superstud, or How I Became a 24 yr. old Virgin is coming soon). I also want to read the Sex Lives of Cannibals by J. Maartan Troust, so I may just have to do a bulk order from Chapters.
I have this thing for British fluff too-I don’t know why, I think it’s because I’ve traveled around the isle of Britain and I loved it, and when reading these books (like by Marion Keyes) I can totally recall meeting people like this and say I’ve been to that tube stop, etc. I just finished something by Jane Green but can’t remember the title.

Name five books that mean a lot to you.

Who has Seen the Wind-W.O. Mitchell- my dad grew up on a farm, and he got me this book for Christmas one year, W.O Mitchell meant a lot to him, and in turn I can appreciate that book all the more.

Lamb, The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal-Christopher Moore: it is a book that made me laugh out loud so many times, and bawl at the end of it. It was so clever and funny, and well researched, it made me sort of wish I paid more attention in Sunday school-SORT OF. I always recommend this book to people, over and over again.

Cider House Rules-John Irving: My brother recommended this book, and he never, ever, ever reads, seriously folks-never. So when he tossed it in my room one day, and grunted I should read it, I was all over it. I used to read it on the subway going to Uni, and a crazy guy started talking to me once about how thick it was and I sure must like reading, and he spoke for about 15 minutes, and then asked me what meatloaf was. I got off a few stops early-but the book was excellent.

Anything Calvin and Hobbs and books by Gordon Korman-again, because for birthdays and Christmas my dad would give me these (Calvin and Hobbs), and I spend Christmas morning by the fire reading them, and just feeling safe and warm and loved, and then my dad would borrow them and get coffee and brandy all over them. And Gordon Korman books, because one summer I just read all of his books and ate Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and it’s a strong, warm memory.

Eva Luna-Isabel Allende: It was the first book of hers that I read, and since I read that one, I’ve read all of her books, and starting reading other South American authors. The one’s that I have read tend to have this style that’s distinctive and addictive to read. This book was a present from my surrogate family whom I miss and don’t get to see nearly enough, and Eva Luna reminds me off this amazing time in my life when I was learning so much and experiencing so many new things, and this book was a bit of a gate way into that.

There are so many other books that I want to mention, read, buy-so many good books our there…so hard to narrow it down. All of the above mentioned books have so many great memories associated with them, that in part it’s as much as the book as it is the memories they conjure up and remind my where I was in that point in my life and why I was reading those books and what they meant to me.

Augustine Burrows rocks ass too. I think his childhood memoir, Running with Scissors is being made into movies. I also adore the poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, and her biography Savage Beauty is unprecidented (the research and insite and never before published poems is mind boggling.)

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Friday, June 03, 2005

Interesting things on a quiet Friday night

*Nerd says my sunglasses look like welding goggles.
*Nerd is so quiet and soft spoken because his spectacular ass does his talking
*I can't stop downloading
*King of Kensington is a good show-Scrubs is better.
*Grey's Anatomy plays some really good songs
*Donny Deutsch should not have a show, nor should Nancy Grace
*The Maloof brothers are weird looking, Billy Bob is more weird looking though (those goddamn teeth!)
*The ladies in the Maloof family have some BAD looking plastic surgery.
*I would like to be on 'What Not to Wear"
*I'm mildly dehydrated tonight
*I can't wait for Superstud (Paul Feig)to come out, and to read assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell
*Jem has a great album.
*I'm in search of a good green cardigan (cashmere welcome)
*New brown shoes.
*Nerd looks good in makeup.

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william shatner has some pretty funny fucking commercials, I love the bran one's he's in.
When he's talking to Shelly Belly or hiding behind the water cooler. Yes, it's funny.

Nerd and I just had indian food for dinner. I'm holding my breath until inpending doom day. I think my descending colon will come fast and furious, so I must make sure I'm near a safety zone. A plastic bag will do (if it's reinforced) or our weird neighbor's garden. Their plastic flowers need fertilizer...
I'm going shopping tomorrow. For t-shirts and capris. Then some gardening. Earlier this week Nerd found weed in our garden. I think I may enjoy gardening!

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Was at a lovely, lovely wedding last weekend. It seemed perfect for the couple that had it. It was small and intimate, seemed very personal (except for the bride's name being mispronounced...) and low key. Perfect for those two.
There wasn't too much stressing or freaking out, we got a call about a week and a half before it was to take place, and it went off without a hitch. I really liked the setting in the Victoria Gardens. Again, it was lovely, sweet and so nice for the couple and those who shared their day.

I have another friend getting married in the fall (which I'd love to do, October is my favourite month) and it's at a resort up north, and I'm in the wedding party (so excited, my first wedding party!) and the wedding dress is so lovely, the bride is going to be radient. I can't wait for these two people to marry, they are so lovely and such a fun pair.

I'm lucky that so many of my friends are with people who are great, and they can each appreciate each other, and compliment each other, etc.

I flip flop between wedding size and location. I'd like to have a bigger wedding because of ALL THE PRESENTS! I love organizing large events, and again the presents-then again, I would like a down payment for the house over a big wedding...however, my parents had to go to all of their friends children's weddings, so they owe my parents, and I reap the presents!!!!!!! Yes, I am one greddy mofo. Plus Nerd has a huge fucking family so I don't think we could keep it too small even if we wanted to!

I like presents.

Anywho, lovely wedding last week, simply lovely.

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