Monday, February 28, 2005

oh man, it worked!

Look wbat I can do!
I don't know how I did it, but I did!
I just copy and pasted the previous entry, and it worked. I thought I fucked up, and it was just going to be a lot of stupid html, but it worked when I published it!
It's kind of neat site-check it out.
My rejected crayon colour is based on my underwear colour.
I could go on and on about how appropriate the colour is, due to the fact of IBS and green apple splatters, but I won't.
I'm almost a nerd! From cutting and pasting-or in my case, not eating the paste and keeping my helmet on!

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You are

What Rejected Crayon Are You?

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Dancing Queen

Dance Routines that I have down pat-

1.Gloria (the first, the last, the everything classic)
2.9-5, pretty much nothing can beat Dolly (she’s going to be on Reba soon, and I think I may just pass out from the sheer joy/pleasure of it)

Dance Routines that I’m cultivating-
1.Working for the Weekend (it’s sort of lyrically all over the place, and really, you can’t beat the routine the Chris Farley routine, so I’ll make it more of a tribute)
2.Don’t stop Moving-one should never, ever dismiss S Club 7, one should however dismiss the reformed S Club, and the ‘new version’ S Club 7: the new school (what? Is it like the new generation of Degrassi? Crappy, but just crappy, not like the crappy but can’t stop watching it- that is the original Degrassi St, Jr. High and High School. Yeah, that’s what I thought.)

I read that they are going to reform Menudo, via a reality show. I remember the Saturday morning cartoons that would play Menudo videos at the end. Apparently when the members reach 17 they are kicked out and new younger ones were brought in. I wonder, since it’s been about 20 years, if they’ll kick out the 13 year olds, as our society so values youth that the age to adulthood has dropped so dramatically that you’re pretty much a senior/write off at age 20. Look to the Brittany as a prime example. She’s over the hill and a has been by 21….
I hate Menudo, so whatever man, WHATEVER.

I like oreo cookies though.

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Friday, February 18, 2005

Flight Illustration

SO, I have NO idea what I'm doing here, Nerd is helping me out. Doing everything nerd related.
Troy/Weblog Wannabe found this, thought it was neat, it's from Illustration Friday.
If Nerd is inclined, he can link it, I'm going to drink my wine, and silently cry my work week away.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Good Times as a Heathen

When I was a child, I remember being at a friend’s house quite often. She lived down the street from us, and had 5 older siblings, which was always a shock to my senses- going to her noisy house that actually had junk food in it-that you were allowed to eat!!!!
I have this distinct memory though, of watching the Pope on TV, and hers being a strict catholic family, the whole family gathered around the set to watch. He might have been in Canada for all I know, but it was this huge event, and he was driving around in his Bubble Pope Mobile, like a super hero, and I said, to the whole damn family:

“I don’t like the Pope, he has stupid hats.”


Cut to Loba being kicked out and Loba running home.

How the hell was I suppose to know that was offensive? I was a six year old, at the time being raised in the United Church, who’s senses were on over load from all the craziness of a home with six kids and junk food-that I could actually eat!!!!

I also never understood the saying “Is the Pope Catholic?” either. Which was generally stated after one said something stupid, but me being a bit stupid (apparently) would retort, “I don’t know, is he?” Again, little United kid, clearly did not know that the Pope is Catholic! All I knew was there was some old hunched man who would ride around in a bubble mobile with stupid, tall, pointy hats waving at people, who could cause a kid to be kicked out of the junk food house if you made fun of his hats.
Side note-they also had a picture of him above the chesterfield in a red outfit-tell me that just doesn’t scream SUPER HERO? Go on tell me, and I’ll point to his super hero car, and the sequences that that adorn his clothing.

A few years later on a family vacation to Myrtle Beach, where more than half the Canadian teachers would meet during March Break, whilst the parents were having happy hour in somebody’s room (different room each night), I was in the hot tub with a few kids from one of the family’s. Low and behold, they were religious.
(Please bear in mind I don’t remember doing this, but my mom sure does, because she got a phone call the day after the proceeding incident occurred, which she recounted to me a few years ago.)
And what does a 10 year old, United, Never Learns Her Lesson, Loba say?

“There is no God”

Yes, my friends, that’s right, there is not God, how precious was I? Man Alive!

Mind you, I think I was a pretty smart kid for knowing this, but whatever, I was ahead of my time, and as with most genius’s they are never fully appreciated until they are dead.

WELL! My mom got a call the next day, and the parent of these three children was very, very concerned with me (mind you she could let her three kids under 12 go to a hot tub without supervision, but this was different, more simple time my friends). I, apparently, was a HEAHTEN.
(I think Mrs. W had to whisper the word)
My mother, bless her heart, upon being told her precious only daughter is a Heathen proceeds to explain it’s merely a phase, and I’ll grow out of it.

My poor, poor parents. All the churching and polite, no swearing, no yelling up bringing couldn’t get the heathen out of me. My parents have no heathen in them, so I think I got it all… and then some.

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WHy oh Why?

Do I like that catchy little diddy known as 'LA, LA" by the horrendous Ashly Simpson?
The lyrics are simply retarded, but it sure is catchy.

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Monday, February 14, 2005

1.Starting with your head down to your toes, what health/beauty products have you used/applied to your body so far today? [For example, shampoo, toothpaste, makeup, cologne/perfume, nail polish, etc.]
Shampoo, panteen for brunettes, shampoo and conditioner, dove body wash, crest toothpaste:mint, Nivea combo skin face wash, Dove Anti-Persperant, Aveda phomilliant and Aveda Light Elements Finishing solution, Revlon New Complexion Dual Finish Makeup (SPF15), H&M great eyeshadow (that I got in England), Maybelline 5x the Volume massacara in very black, Rosebud lipbalm.

2.Do you have a ritual when you take a shower, such as washing your hair first or maybe even brushing your teeth in the shower? If so, what? Do you prefer baths or showers?
I wash and condition my hair first thing in the shower so I can make sure I rinse everything out by the end (thick hair), wash my body, brush my teeth (the shower is a great water pick), wash my face, final rinse of hair (if I’m up to it-with cold water). I love baths, but for relaxing, not cleanings. Everything has it’s time and place in the shower-it’s a ritual I’ve followed for as long as I can remember.

3.How do you get yourself up and going in the mornings? Coffee? A hot shower? Breakfast? Would you consider yourself a morning person at all? When do you usually get up? I am NOT a morning person, especially if I’m alone, I’m SOOOO grumpy and slow moving, now that I’m not a teenager I try not to inflict in on others. Coffee in the morning at work with my co-workers and checking emails/blogs, gets me ready for the day.

4. Do you normally eat breakfast? What do you usually have? Do you usually make it at home or go out for breakfast, or do you prefer not to eat breakfast? I’m bad, I normally don’t eat breakfast-except on weekends, when we generally go out for brunch at least one day. I’ve never been able to eat a breakfast very well, even as a kid-which would make my mom bonkers. I really try to eat, a piece of fruit or a bagel, but it’s usually not until after my first coffee. I try to have juice at home when I’m getting ready, just to try and get some vitamin C.

5. What does your alarm clock sound like? A buzzer, music, or something else? Do you ever set your clock fast so that you push yourself to get ready sooner? Are you usually on time, late, or somewhere in-between? My alarm clock is a buzzer, as music would not wake me up, and I need to set it up across the room because I hit snooze way too much. I am never, ever late, I’m usually early, by a good ten minutes. A few times the past couple of weeks, I’ve been so early, I’ve sat in my car listening the radio so I don’t show up too early.

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haha, ooopps

So, oooppps, apparently, a man in motion involves having a pair of wings, not a pair of wheels.
Which would explain the next line "flying higher and higher!".
Also, it would explain why a pair of wheels doesn't really make sense....
I'm a living joke.

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Friday, February 11, 2005

Stupids Lyrics EVER

Look at me, I'm a man in motion, all I need is a pair of wheels.

Can you name the song and what movie it's in?

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Wren and the thing

Hence forth and forsooth, Wren's little crossed eyed puppy will be known as Garbonzo. Healthy, nutritious, and close to sounding like a muppet name.
I recently saw the latest ultra sound, and that little cross eyed Garbonzo is gnawing about at the umbilical cord! (chewy and good for you!)
Wren and NinjaChucks are totally going to have a bad ass. Wren says Garbonzo is an active fucker, and I can totally picture her swimming around, farting, using the cord as a skip rope, kicking Wren where it counts...For pleasure.

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Honeymoon Suite My ASS

Apparently when you're driving, I've learned that passionatly singing "What Does it Take" by Honeymoon Suite and pumping your fist makes people idling beside you at the stop light laugh. At you.
Man alive! is that a so bad it's good song.

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

1. Song that sounds like happy feels
Wouldn't it be Nice-Beach Boys

2. Earliest Memory
Safety Dance-Men without Hats (first video, earliest would prob. be Ann Murray there's an Elephant in my tub)

3. Last CD You Bought
Joss Stone, Soul Sessions

4. Reminds You of School
Jump Around-House of Pain

5. Total Music Files on Your PC
buuuhhhh.....(I don't have a computer)

6. Song for Listening to Repeatedly When Depressed
Come Pick Me Up-Ryan Adams

7. Song That Sounds British But Isn’t
Somebody Told Me-The Killers

8. Song You Love, Band You Hate
Dirty-Christina Agulara

9. A Favorite Song From the Past That Took Ages to Track Down
I can't remember the name, british band, uggg! It's making me crazy-I'll find it and post it later.

10. Bought the Album for One Good Song
So many when I was younger, before the internet and access to Nerd's computer, but once, I did it for Coldplay-due to Yellow, and the whole album fucking ROCKED!

11. Worst Song to Get Stuck in Your Head
I'se the Buys (that builds the boat, I'se the Buys that sails her...)

12. Best Song to Dump a Beer on Someone’s Head To, Then Storm Out of the Bar
Eye of the Tiger-Survivor
It's a New Day-Nina Simone

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Monday, February 07, 2005


Today my co-worker looked at me all disgusted (that's what Wren is good for I guess, that, and telling huge lies to others in the doughnut world we call cubicle land), and said "What is all over your face?".
(The italics indicate disgust).
It was pencil. Everywhere.
How the fuck did I get pencil on my cheek, nose and upper lip (between the nose and lip area.) How fucked is that? Really fucked.

(had an awesome, awesome weekend with Nerd, and not just because I got presents!)

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Friday, February 04, 2005

Have a seat in the reception area and fill this out please...

I went to see a specialist yesterday for a degenerative disc I have in my jaw, and have to be fitted for special mouth guards. As well I need to deal with insurance, which isn't fun because apparently I'm paying for insurance that nobody can tell me if I'm covered or not.

Anywhore, my specialist also turns out to be my former orthodontist, the one that used to call my brother "ANDJEW", really angry like, such as "ANDJEW, you do NOT wear your retainer enough, ANDJEW" "ANDJEW, you must wear your neck gear and not give it to the dog to chew on ANDJEW". My brother's name is Andrew, so I guess that's close enough. (Side bar, my brother is a police officer, so I think Dr. W would now call him Pig.)

Dr. W now has braces, and his braces were full of food yesterday, it was gross. He's an orthodontist, you'd think he'd know better than not to check his teeth.
His office has totally changed too, it's all computerized and shit, and I walk up to the reception desk where three ladies were sitting, and I'm like "Hello, I'm here for my 2. 30, it's Loba Wind" and they just stared at me. Finally one said, "you have to check in using that computer screen" Oh! How the FUCK am I suppose to know that? There's three woman at the desk and I'm suppose to know that I go to a computer that's tucked into a corner and start fiddling with a computer to sign in?
They were like "I guess you haven't been here in a while, it's all changed now" It's been 11 years since I've been there, so you think? HOW. THE. FUCK. AM. I. SUPPOSE. TO. KNOW. THAT. I. USE. A. COMPUTER. TO. SIGN. IN?
So I get signed in, and then I have to fill out a questionnaire since I haven't been since I was 17. It has all these medical questions, and I'm starting to fill out more in the yes column than ever before. Have you have major surgery? Yes, three times. Have you ever been treated for kidney problems? Yes. Have you had an ulcer? Yes....Do you suffer from chronic rhea?....Yeeeessssss....What on earth does my rhea have to do with being at a crazy ortho's office? Are they worried I'm going to splatter in the patient's chair? Do they think I'll be so comfortable and relaxed in the reclining position, I'll relax my bowels and let all hell break loose?

On a quick side note, I wouldn't by a used car with a sticker in the windshield that says "RECKLESS ABANDON."

I get in to see Dr. W, bear in mind that this is the man who 12 years ago complained that I couldn't open my mouth wide enough for him to work properly and I should just suck up the pain, and learn to deal with the pain. And that I couldn't be on anti-inflamitories all my life (which I only took when it got really bad and couldn't turn my head). This is a man who now specializes in TMJ, which is now known as TMD, and charges an ARM AND a LEG for mouth guards. It's all about the Benjamins my friends.

So as I'm being talked to like a four year old about my problem, I can't stop staring at his foody teeth, and hearing his condescending voice, and it totally reminds me of when I would sit in the waiting room while my brother had his appointments, and listening to him yell at ANDJEW from the waiting room, and I have to bit into my cheek to stop from laughing right in his pinched little face.

I now have to get an apparatus that is very expensive that may or may not be covered by insurance-my insurer couldn't tell me. I have to send in a predetermination- I think I'll chronic diarhera everywhere and maybe I'll get some answers.

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Thursday, February 03, 2005

What I did today at the Factory

1. Cried in a co-workers office
2. Took a few lettuce filled dumps
3. Walked into a wall (one of the dumps was so staggering, it took me by storm and I got vertigo)
4. Stuffed an apple core into one paper shredder box (which is collected bi-monthly)
5. Saw a corn relish shunt, and nearly smashed a phone book over her head
6. Had some yummy thai food that Wren so caringly shared
7. Looking forward to a spinning class, because I'm stressing something big here G.

That's about it. Stared at my cubicle a lot, thinking hard about desinging the next big doughnut launch (aka spread sheet # 120403894820398402384)

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Something I though I would never say-

Urn penetration

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I like oreo cookies-they have new vanilla one's I'd like to try.

Friday night, went out with some pals, dinner and drinks, which was nice.
I was a little hyper, due to the fact that I had a crappy week, and was in a super bad mood, and decided to blow off some steam. (who by the by throws their neighbor's garbage cans into the middle of their driveway so I have to get out and move them before I can pull in? Shit ass who only shovel their side of the deck, that's who!!! Fucktards)
Had some good times at the dinner part, The Dish was quite the trooper, just finishing a week of 12 hour shifts, and still going out for dinner-and then her and I went dancing.

Which lasted for 5 minutes.

I used to love to go out dancing on the weekends, blow of excess energy-but I lasted all of five minutes before I couldn't take the crappy music, young kids in skimpy clothes, and the possibility of seeing my little neighbor who frequents the joint! All these tiny girls in pants where you could see the pubic line, and I'm there in my twin set and orthodic shoes...
I think that I'll stick to making up interpretive dances and performing them at the cottage, because it DID NOT go over well Friday night. I sent some oddly orange tanned girls screaming, and overly gelled boys cowering in their kicks.
I'm not old, but I think I'll stick to dinner and drinks, a bit of pub life, and then slip out the door at 10.23pm without anyone noticing.
Except maybe for Nerd when he notices he's sitting at the pub without me, but that'll take him a while to figure out. Enough time for me to get home and fall asleep and he can join me and snore all he wants after I'm asleep.
I'm pretty ornery, I think I'll tap into my inner Waylon Jennings and go get into some bar room brawls. Me and Willie Nelson will be UNSTOPPABLE!

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