Thursday, January 25, 2007


When I go in early to work I am not going in for fun, I do not go into work two hours early for the joy of getting up extra early (even though I know I will be staying four hours after work as well), I especially don't go in to chat about home decor. I GO IN TO WORK. Thank you.

Also, when you wear shoes to work I recommend keeping them on. Please don't take them off during a presentation and put your feet up on a chair so we can all see your knee high nylon clad toes, don't take them off and them walk around the office, you know it's not hygenic, (it has the potential to smell bad) and it's kind gross. Also, I think it's a tad rude.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

so cold

saw a Raptor's game, they won, but you know what? There was no forking half time show. Which I found so bizarre as there was dancing between plays. However, I don't think we missed much. The Raptor Pak wasn't so good.

Had a turkey party on Saturday, and the only way to eat turkey is to brine it first. It makes it so juicy. Almost juicy enough to that it'll dribble down your chin and make splats on your dress shirt.

Just watching American Idol auditions and this guy guy is singing a song dedicated to his girlfriend, and we're convinced he killed his girlfriend. It's a scary song.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Another commercial I'm loving

The Geico commercial that has Little Richard 'interpratating' the story as told by a real commercial.
It's pretty forking funny.
I'll try and find it on youtube or something.

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2nd best picture ever

This little dude looks like my little neighbor that I used to babysit. His brother agrees. Older brother said if the kid in the picture was exposing his sloping cranium (if he had a sloping forehead-younger brother has a huge ass head) their momma would mistakingly kiss him goodnight.
By the by, Graham was the first diaper I changed while babysitting, and I had to call my mom over because there was so much corn and peanuts I thought I was going to pass out. So I left him on his bed giggling away whilst I gagged repeatedly and tried to call my mom over.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Best picture ever

You know, I've never watched or even liked American Idol, however, and I really don't know why, but I'm excited for it this year.
I've watched the audition portion of the show before though, and I believe that this picture sums up why I do like auditions (it should be captioned) "Buhhh, mmmhhhhuuuuhhh, buh."
This person is watching someone react to their critique just before she goes in for her audition. As Jason ranted in the hallway, the producers executed the night's finest bit of camerawork, panning to fellow contestant Brenna Kyner, whose facial expression was a mixture of horror, befuddlement, and perhaps just a trace of amusement. No, Brenna couldn't sing to save her life either, but the self-declared biggest fan of Idol knows train-wreck TV when she's staring at it.

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What I did for summer vacation

When people ask you at work what you're listening to on your MP3 player, don't tell them Rick Astley. get weird looks...

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

I always knew I was special

Today I had to split up some charts into groups, and they were not labelled. SO I asked a co-worker how I would know what chart's went where. She told me to look at it and I'd know. She held up the group of charts, and said "look at the first page and you'll know"
OOOOHHHHHH, if I knew that just looking at the front page would tell me where the charts went I wouldn't have asked your crazy ass.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

He's still talking about it,

So, this morning I heard Bill Gates talking at the Las Vegas gadget convention this morning on the news, and then driving home tonight, I heard Steve Jobs talking at the Mac convention. All I have to say is that those PC/Mac (old guy/young hip dud) commercials are pretty accurate.

Huzzy is still blabbering away in the closet, I think it's time to use the claw end of the hammer.

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MAC Phone

Just showed a picture of the Mac iphone to my husband and he nearly lost his shit. He was so excited he is now sitting on a napkin.
He started to talk, I mean blabber, about it, however Degrassi TNG is on and I had to shut his party down. Anywhoo, if no one hears from Matt in awhile it's because I shoved him unconcious into a closet. I blame the hammer for the unconcious part, not me.
Someone is getting stabbed on Degrassi and Emma is loosing her it to her boyfriend (if she doesn't puke on him-oh, there she goes).

I remember a good time when Gowan was the only music allowed to be played on the show. Gowan, and The Zit Remedy.

Post Script-Emma isn't going to end up like her mama, no peepee in her vajayjay.

And also-How I Met Your Mother is a really funny show.

Oh oh, not JT!!! Actually, who cares JT?

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Monday, January 08, 2007

I know it's wrong to laugh..

Really, I'm horrified at the mother, and then praise buddha that I have a double chin, because if I'm ever in this situation, I'll survive.

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The Trade and The Beard-Ensure sound

Ummmm, these might link to the same thing, skittles advertising, but two of my favourite commercials this year are here.
The first one is called 'The Trade" and the second one is "The Beard" (they've changed the beard abit, the beard used to say ''mmmmmmm" and now it doesn't)

To round out my other favourite commercials of 2006 are "Ranch" for Wendy's and one for nutrigrain bars, with some puppet slapping someone that they love. I can't find links for them, because I haven't looked....

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

We , were out three nights this past weekend. We are animals.
Saw the Marlies play and they lost.

So, why is coffee such a topic at the work place? I have somewhere to go with this, but don't feel like it now.
Just thought I would update my blog.

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

New job

So, started a new job. There's some fun times my friend.
I had to wait almost two hours for someone to pick me up in the lobby on my first day, the person training me doesn't want to be training me. When I ask a question they freak out, and couldn't get a key board because they weren't sure if they could order one. Le sigh.

Anyhoo, watching "fixing dinner' and there's a dutch family on right now, and I love the accents. All I can picture is Gold Member.

You know, I enjoy Scrubs too.

My ear wax is crackly in my ear.

My husbands pants are ripped in the rear end and he has no beard to wrap around it.

January is not a good time to start a new job, everyone has the January blues and holiday let down and the don't want to acknowlege a new person who might need a bit of effort, and really I don't blame them. However, I spent December training someone, also by the by not a good time to start a job (but at least you get to go to a lot of parties).

All I have to say is TGIF Ms. Shoemaker (for tomorrow).

Oh, and Lindsey Lohan is in the hospital, lets all send her positive thoughts shall we? Word.

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Go immediatly and rent Little Miss Sunshine.
So good.

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